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HS-BFT12000 High Speed Bearing Friction Tester

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HS-BFT12000 High Speed Bearing Friction Tester can be used to evaluate the friction coefficients, temperature of the contact interface and friction Torque of all kind of bearings with high rotating speed under different liquid lubricants.

The tester uses the principle of coaxial torque equality to obtain the torque signal of a pair of bearings during friction and the temperature signal of infrared thermometer. After amplification, the input computer converts the friction signal through a / D conversion to calculate the friction coefficient curve and temperature curve of bearings.


                                                    μ—friction coefficient

                                                    F—torque force

                                                    N—normal load

                                                    r—Friction radius of bearing

The friction coefficient and temperature curve of the bearing are used to obtain the friction mechanism of different lubricating media in a high-speed environment, that is, under certain loads and specific speeds, how long does the friction coefficient of the bearing change, the lubricating medium fails.

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(Test curve)

Key technical parameters

1. Load: 20~300 N

2. Rotation speed: 1~12000 r/min

3. Test temperature: room temperature~150℃ 

4. temperature distribution:Multipoint monitoring

5. Torque measurement:0.05 mNm~200 mNm 1 mNm~200 mNm

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