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MS-M9000 Multi-function Friction Tester

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This machine is well assembled with friction detection technology,  displacement measurement technology and microcomputer self-control technology, achievingmechanical property evaluation of a material surface with one equipment.Module form with reciprocating, rotating, ring block, impact, electrochemical corrosion, scratches.


(Instrument host)

Key technical parameters

1. Load mode: manual and automatic

2. Load:100~2000g

3. Friction measurement range:0~10N     the accuracy is 0.01N;

4. Stage height variation range::0~50mm;

5. Size of friction pairs:Φ3mm、Φ4mm、Φ5mm、Φ6mm;

6. Friction pairs:GCr balls, AlO balls, ZrO balls and SiN balls

7. Test operation: keyboard operation, microcomputer contro

8. Data processing: the Access, Excel database file, Word experiment report and Jpeg picture can be generated

wangfujiechuxingshi1.png    jiechuxingshi.png  huankuaijiechuxingshi.png  chongjijiechuxingshi.jpg

(Reciprocating Contact form )     (Rotation Contact form )      (Ring block Contact form )  (Impact  Contact form )

 Module technical parameters

(1) Reciprocating module

        Sample size:42×42×2.5(mm×mm×mm)

        Reciprocating distance:3~20mm

        Reciprocating frequency:0.5~20Hz

        Reciprocating times: numerous

(2) Rotation module

        Sample size:Φ56mm

        Sample thickness:2~10mm

        Rotation radius:3~20mm

        Stage rotation speed::1~3000r/min   the accuracy is ±1r/min

(3) Ring block module

        Sample size:

                   ring:Φ40mm、thickness 10mm


        Stage rotation speed::1~3000r/min  the accuracy is ±1r/min

(4) Impact module

        automatically load: frequency:0.5~100Hz

        Weight loading:frequency:0.5~20Hz

        Sample size:16×22×2(mm×mm×mm)

(5) Scratch module

Load:0.25~300N  the accuracy is 0.25N
Scratch length: 2~40mm
Loading rate   : 10~100N/min
Measuring range:0.5~30μm;

        Friction measuring range:10~100N、the accuracy is 0.25N 

        Sample size:5~50mm;

        Sample thickness:8~18mm; 

        Indenter: diamond with 120° cone angle and 0.2 mm the tip radius


(6) electrochemical corrosion module

A set of PTFE or nylon electrochemical corrosion resistant tanks, electrode holder assemblies and electrochemical workstation connections.

    ① Reciprocating electrochemical corrosion

        Reciprocating frequency: 0.01~20Hz;

        Reciprocating times: numerous

        Reciprocating distance:2.5~40mm;

        Test temperature: room temperature ~ 100 ℃

    ② Rotary electrochemical corrosion

       Rotation speed under electrochemical measurement mode: 0.01~200 r/min   the accuracy is ±1 r/min

       Rotation radius:5mm~10mm 

Auto-loading components

(1)Small load:

automatically load:0~20N

Friction measurement range:0~20N     the accuracy is 0.02N

(2) Medium load:

automatically load:0~100N

Friction measurement range:0~100N     the accuracy is 0.1N

(3)Heavy load

automatically load:0~300N

Friction measurement range:0~300N     the accuracy is 0.3N

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